Dog Licence

All dog licenses expire December 31st. All dogs at the age of 6 months or more, by law need to be licensed, on or before January 1st of each year.

The fee for a male or female dog is $11

The fee for a spayed or neutered dog is $6

License Requirements

To license a dog, the owner must provide:

  • A current rabies certificate
  • Proof and/or a certificate if spayed or neutered
  • If moving from another town/city in Maine, bring in current license and a new
    license will be issued. The cost is $2
  • Licenses are available for renewals and new for the next year on or around October 15th. All dogs must be registered by January 31st of each year. After that date, a $25.00 per dog late fee applies.

1st Time Licensing

If you are licensing your dog for the 1st time in Maine:

  • You must have a current rabies vaccination certification issued by a Maine licensed veterinarian.
  • You must have an accurate description of your dog, including your dog’s name, breed, sex and color
  • You must have a written statement from your veterinarian that clearly states your dog is altered and or / sterile to qualify for the low cost altered license fee.