Public Works

Winter Parking Ban 
Cemetery Clean Up Announcement

The Guilford Public Works Department is tasked with innumerable responsibilities and for the last few years, has been virtually a one-man-band! Jeff Libby, pictured above on the left, reports to the road commissioner/manager and assumes responsibility for maintaining our 31 miles of road. This can include ditching, brush trimming and chipping, culvert replacement, sanding all the roads and parking lots, sweeping up the winter’s sand, constructing and covering the sand pile, plowing all town parking lots, blowing snow from the sidewalks, clearing the intersections of accumulated snow, removing downed trees from the travel lanes, replacing broken (and stolen) road signs, patching potholes, and many other chores. Only occasionally does he have help when the town manager takes the wheel of the sand truck or he finds a day-helper to assist on a short term emergency project.

In addition to road maintenance, Jeff also tries to keep up with flag placements, lighted wreaths as Christmas time, setting the town Christmas tree, clearing the cemeteries of dead and faded flowers, removing trash from public areas, repairing playground equipment, and doing the scheduled as well as emergency maintenance on the town vehicles.

Hopefully in the very near future, we will return to having a two man team! In the meantime, God bless Jeff!