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Economic Development Board - Minutes
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Guilford Economic Development Board - Housing Committee Meeting
March 15, 2010 5:30 pm – prior to the public hearing

In attendance:
Patti Davis, Joni Slamm, Roberta Thompson, Brian Woodworth, Mike Dexter, Sheila Thompson, Bob McReavy, Tom Goulette, Carrie Fellows, Ron Harriman
Ron Harriman gave a recap of our 2009 application and stated that it was well received and if there had been funds for one more town, ours would have been selected.  We are preparing an application as good, if not better than last year, so Ron feels good about our chances of receiving funding.  He also mentioned that there are 15 applications with funding sufficient for  9 towns.  We should have an answer in May 2010.
We then reviewed our letters of support and submitted them to Ron.  Our press releases and articles were reviewed and copies submitted.  Carrie will submit a timeline of meetings and presentations to Ron.  We are reminded to encourage others to continue submitting pre applications available at the town office and on the town web-site.
We then reviewed the guidelines set by the housing committee during our previous round of funding;
We limit funding to $15,000 per home with exceptions as high as 25,000 for situations that require well and septic work.  This is to spread the funding as far as possible.  The first program had average of much less than $15,000.  The committee reviews all the applications after Ron visits and takes photos and summarizes applications.  Then the committee goes through the anonymous applications to determine the highest need first.   
We have set allowances for unreimbursed medical expenses and childcare costs to reduce an applicants’ income.
The applicant must own land and building and have owned the property for at least one year.  There must also be no tax liens.
Asset (cash) levels must be under $12,000 if they are under 65 years old and $20,000 for over 65 – the committee can waive this if necessary.
Applicants’ property has to be clear of debris and unregistered vehicles.
We use local contractors – that are lead abatement certified, insured, and have references.
Carrie will send Ron email addresses for Brian Woodworth, Patti Davis and Danny Hutchins

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Guilford Economic Development Board
Meeting Notes
January 21, 2010 6:30 pm
In attendance: Robert McReavy, Sheila Thompson, Patti Davis, and Tom Goulette

1. Lilac and Chickadee Capital of Maine
a. Lilac Fundraiser – Carrie will prepare the announcement press release, forms etc for the 2010 lilac fundraiser
b. Flags – Initial estimates are approx $175 per flag & pole set.  We have 7 poles.  Patti is going to check alternate sources for price comparison and to determine what the art charge or set up charge would be.
c. Other ways to leverage the designation

2. Developing our Community Brand – Carrie will put a plan in writing that can be reviewed at our next meeting

3. Letter of Intent for 2010 LMI Housing Grant Application.  Tom will officially request that Ron Harriman submit our letter of intent and ask that Ron send us the timeline for gathering necessary supporting documentation.

4. River Festival 2010 – Carrie advises the group that the festival is now a town event and resides under the economic development board.  Patti confirms that she will organize the Lilac Pageant again this year and that Davis Brothers will sponsor the event.  Checks for participants will be made out to “River Festival”.  There is discussion regarding the $2,000 donation that Kiwanis made to the festival.  It was suggested that a permanent bandstand might be a good investment.  It is agreed that Sheila will contact Maine Community Foundation for information regarding possible grants to help fund the bandstand. 

5. MCHP web-site project update – Carrie advises the group that the web-site is in the beginning stages of being built and once complete it will be marketed as part of our larger community brand.  There will be a launch event in early summer.

6. Community Branding Session October 23rd of the Maine Development Foundations’ Main Street Maine Series - Joni attended this session and was to report and share information and ideas but was not at the meeting so we’ll ask her to speak at our next meeting.

7. Bell Project Update –  It is determined that once the bell restoration is complete the bell will be placed in the green space on Elm Street.  

8. Professional Services Update – Tom will consult with Ron Harriman as to possible programs to help us determine what professional services might be viable in Guilford.

9. Sheep Tower Restoration Update– Tom contacted True Textiles to possibly gain access to the sheep tower to perform any maintenance and restoration necessary to avoid having the tower fall into disrepair.  True Textiles denied any access citing liability issues.

10. Lighting on Bridge Update- Tom contacted DOT and will follow up with them

11. Other Possible Grant Ideas –   To leverage the approx $12,000 in our skate park fund and get the rink in place.  A new location idea is at King Cummings Park.  Tom is investigating if the gazebo can be relocated and the rink put in its place.  The gazebo would be moved to adjacent the rink.

12. New Business – Tom will determine if electricity can be gained from our new light poles to be able to light the poles, or wreaths, or trees at Christmas.

Next meeting – we’ll wait to hear from Sheila about inviting Maine Community Foundation to speak to our group about possible grants.  We’ll schedule around their availability.

The names of 2 Possible new members of the Guilford Economic Development Board were submitted; Brian Woodworth and Danny Hutchins.  Brian has already expressed interest in our group and Bob will approach Danny to see if he might consider joining us as well.

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Guilford Economic Development Board
Meeting Notes
February 22, 2010 6:30 pm

In attendance: Sheila Thompson, Roberta Thomas, Brian Woodworth, Bob McReavy, Patti Davis, Tom Goulette, Carrie Fellows, Danny Hutchins, and Guest Laura Reed
1. Presentation from Maine Community Foundation on possible grant opportunities –  Laura gave some back ground on the Maine Community Grant Programs.  She gave some good insight as to what types of applications are more likely to be considered.  She also left behind some printed materials that went into more detail.  The committee agrees to meet in one week – March 1st to consider the information presented and determine if there is a program that is a good fit for Guilford.

2. New members – Danny Hutchins and Brian Woodworth are welcomed

3. CDBG Housing Grant Update –  see attached housing meeting notes

4. Lilac and Chickadee Capital of Maine

a. Lilac Fundraiser – press releases have printed in the paper, forms are in place at the library and town office for the 2010 lilac fundraiser
b. Flags – Initial estimates are approx $175 per flag & pole set.  We have 7 poles.  Patti is going to check alternate sources for price comparison and to determine what the art charge or set up charge would be.  Sheila is going to approach Abaris to see if they would be willing to sponsor one or more of the flags.
c. Other ways to leverage the designation – town letter head stationary, logo on River Festival stationary

Next meeting:  Monday March 1st, 2010 6:00 at the Guilford Town Office

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Economic Development Board Meeting
August 24, 2009 7:00 pm

In attendance
Sheila Thompson
Bob McReavy
Carrie Fellows
Roberta Thompson
Tom Goulette

Purpose:  To submit ideas for our next project

Sheila submitted several good ideas and suggests completion of a one – they are:

1. Get the base of the bell donated by the United Methodist Church built and place the bell in its permanent home.  Since there is concern for the bell being stolen it is suggested by Sheila that we evaluate a base similar to one in place at University of Maine at Orono at the Buchanan Alumni House.  It’s is made of granite.  Carrie went to photograph the bell and take measurements of the base on September 16th.  Although the bell had recently been moved the base was still in place so measurements and photos were taken.

2. Restoration/Maintenance of the sheep tower at True Textiles.  Tom will approach True Textiles to see if they have plans in place to maintain the tower.  If they do not, will they allow the town access to the tower to determine what work is needed?  Assuming the tower only needs basic maintenance such as cleaning, painting etc we would offer to have the work done.

3. LMI Housing Grant 2010.  Tom to advise Ron Harriman to prepare a letter of intent to file a LMI grant application for 2010.  Tom – please let us know when we should meet to review last year’s application and set a timeline for various duties for this year’s application.

4. Lilac Fundraiser Jan - Feb 2010.  Carrie will contact Mary Betts and get forms together to once again hold a lilac fundraiser to plant in spring/summer 2010.  Tom will also investigate light pole flag holders at the MMA convention in October that would hold Chickadee flags.

5. Economic Development – There is the feeling that Guilford should have a dentist, lawyer, or other professional services.  Tom suggests that we have a professional services study done.  This is accomplished by a company that will do a survey to local citizens to find out what services they would consider using if it were located in Guilford.  Bob also adds that they may come up with an idea we haven’t thought of.  This information could be incorporated into a larger downtown development project.

6. Empty corner lot development.  There is a suggestion to landscape the empty lots on the corner of Water St and North Maine.  This project is not one we’ll pursue in favor of the previous 5.  If we move forward with #5 these lots could be used in development so we’ll wait to see what comes of that.

7. Repower lights on bridge.  Tom will contact DOT to see what can be done about making the lights on the bridge operational.

Our next meeting will be set after Tom has had a chance to follow up with True Textiles, Ron Harriman, professional services study, and DOT.

Carrie Fellows
September 17, 2009


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